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About Us

We are a private mental health practice with training in psychoanalysis. We employ psychodynamic therapy
and focus on social and economic issues that affect well-being of patients and their families.

Mental Health Therapy

We provide psychodynamic therapy for adults and children in our South Collinwood and Cleveland Heights offices.

Vocational Training

CAMHP provides vocational training for adults with special needs and daytime therapeutic activities for children with special needs at the collaborative center Siggy's Village located in South Collinwood.

Our Services

Mental health therapy and vocational training - Helping effect well-being.

Psychodynamic therapy for adults

We provide psychodynamic therapy for adults who are experiencing anxieties, eating disorders, depression and other emotional struggles due to trauma, divorce, drug and/or alcohol use.

Psychodynamic therapy for children

We provide individual therapy for children who are experiencing social problems, difficulty in school and (or) other behaviors and experiences that have affected their academic and social experiences.

Vocational Training for Adults with Special Needs

CAMHP provides vocational training for adults with special needs who are seeking training in retail and office management, garden production, hand manufacturing of artisanal skincare products, honey-bee keeping and production and marketing of products made with honey, and general customer service skills.

Daytime Therapeutic Activities for Children with Special Needs

CAMHP provides daytime therapeutic activities for children with special needs. Children are engaged in many outdoor activities, including garden production and management, and are taught basic life skills such as food preparation, personal hygeine and home economics. This improved skillset will aid future economic independence and stability.

In-home therapy for the elderly

CAMHP can provide private practice, traveling, mental healthcare therapists to help with hospice and mental health care for elderly community members.

Imagine the Possibilities

We are dedicated to effecting well-being of individuals and community through improving mental health and training for future success.

Psychotherapy for Adults

Mental Health Therapy

for adults
Mental Health Therapy for Children

Mental Health Therapy

for children
Adult Retail Vocational Training

Adult Vocational Training

Youth Activities - Gardening

Youth Activities


Adult and Youth



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